Would you like me to give you the best advice and lead you
in search of your beautiful soul mate?

Welcome to my Individual Coaching Program

Individual Coaching Program
Why I am
doing this

I do not take everyone in my personal coaching
program even if they offer me to pay more.

I work with people who I like . I stick to the point that I have to enjoy
communication with the person, only based on that, I am ready to make
as much effort as I can to reach 100 % of results.

Let me tell you what Individual Coaching Program means to me and
what it is necessary to have in order get into the program.

Earlier I supported customers of our Marriage Agency and recommended
clients only. I received more and more e-mails from different people
from all parts of the world with questions like
“How to find true love online? ” and there was no general algorithm
that could match all of them.

There is no Magic pill for a single man . So I decided to create a program
where I could work personally with a person and help them achieve best
results in a current situation.

How it works

1 time Skype consulting /coaching

You have a particular question or problem
you like to solve via my advise. 70 USD.

Individual Consulting Program

For longer period of work I select a client
by my personal criteria.

What’s important to know?
I do not take more than 2 or 3 clients in the same time.
If there are currently enough clients, it does not mean that
you have to offer me to pay more. If not, so welcome to the board!
Some people have to wait some time.

I cannot take into Individual Program more than 3 clients
in the same time on several reasons

Individual Consulting Program starts from the first month and includes some important steps.

We have Skype calls every week and make a strategy plan towards your goal by analysing your current situation.

E-mail support from me. At any time you can send me a question and during 4 hours you will get a reply.

Basic knowledge and skills which tool you up

During the program period you will get an unlimited access to the catalogue of ladies of our Marriage Agency, where you can practise new skills and knowledge which I will teach you .

Price of the Individual consulting program for 1 month with me.

6 hours individual work – 650 USD + e-mail support 250 USD

900USD         700 USD

In order to apply for a consultation, please fill the application form below. The more you fill up the more chances
you will have to work together.

In 72 hours you will receive a reply by e-mail.
If there are no free places this month you will have a time zone to book the work with me.

Application form

Your name and surname:
E-mail address and phone:
Current country:
Your Skype ID:
Your facebook link:
What is your main goal that you want to achieve?
What is the main problem you face?
What is your expectation during our partnership?
Why do you want me to work with you
on Individual Consultation Program?
Select your program: