How to find real profiles of ladies
in the entire large database
of online dating wild world ?
Get free access to main rules of online dating which you didn't know yet

Main rules of online dating that you didn’t know yet .

It happens when you register in a dating website looking for beautiful ladies but no one is eager to respond. Why? There are some rules you have to follow in order to succeed. I will guide you in this post...

The most important things in your dating profile are your pictures and personal information. Please use only professional photos. 
Invest your time and let professional photographer make nice pictures of you.
Please use classic wearing like suite with a tie and shirt, classic chooses, etc, for photo shoot.

Never use amateur pictures or pictures in a group of people. 
You shouldn't also use selfies of pictures shot in a mirror.

 If you follow this little advice you will achieve a much better result. 
Otherwise you can waste a lot of time sending messages without response.
 Ukrainian girls are very picky about clothing.They prefer high heels and dress instead of jeans and sneakers so they would prefer a classy man. 

The other important thing is your dating account content.
 Please use a correct information like your birth date and your real economical situation. 

If you are 58 old you have to mention this.  Communication which begin  with a lie  will bring bad consequences .

There are lot of Ukrainian families with a big age difference (10-15 years)so please do not hesitate putting a real age in you profile. 

Don’t write a lot about what kind lady you are looking for (smart, educated, from a good family, kind, lovely , generous , beautiful , sexy, open mind, family oriented , good soul , good hard and many many think you looking) You can better write what can you do for your lady, how can you make her happy.

If you  writing to some one it mean that you already like her via photo. Anyways you can get more information about character , only  communicating with her in Skype or in a real meeting.

Your profile is your bait, so make it attractive and pleasant to read

If you have a face book account, your pictures and details there should match the pictures and information on your online dating profile,otherwise it can create suspicion.

Hope I was helpful for you today . 
Wish you a good luck and a nice life partner. 
Katrin, your professional dating coach.