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What does Ukrainian lady expect from a man on a first meeting?

What are the mistakes made by non-Ukrainian men? Yes, Ukrainian ladies have cultural differences in comparison to woman from Europe. I can say that Ukrainian girls are very feminine and sensual. Feminism or freedom aren’tof top life-priority for them. They are looking for a strong knight who will lead their relationship and family. The knightis looking for a beautiful feminine lady with long hair wearing a dress and high heels. So if you are reading this letter,it means that you are a knight in your life-style and you’re looking for a real woman.

Ukrainian lady is one good example to be a woman of your dreams.
In the next paragraph I’ll explain what they expect from a man at the first meeting.

So, you’ve arrived in Kievfor 10 days with several contact details of women you want to meet. You are full of happiness and anticipation to meet all of them.
Some tips you have to know, what can be a stop-sign for the lady to meet you for the second time.

When you’re calling to fix the time and location for a date, please, don’t say
• “Let’s meet for a cup of coffee”.

Lady will think that you don’t want to make more time to meet her and you want to see her only for about 15 minutes. She will think that you’ve planned meeting with other ladies in same day. I understand that you use a simple common phrase for invitation but this can be taken as a rude behaviour.

When a lady is preparing for a date, she’s spending about 2 hours tomake her look more attractive for you – dress, heels,make-up, hairstyle etc.
In a T-shirt and running shoes she can go only to a shop to buy food and home stuff but you will never see her on a date like this..
So if you will say “Let’s meet for a coffee” it means you’re looking for a short and cheap meeting. It will be taken as a you don’t respect her efforts.

Better invite her for a dinner in her favourite place. She will be glad that your intention is more serious and you going to spend minimum 2 hours together.

If you will be invited to a home of some Ukrainian family you will see that Ukrainian people are very hospitable.

As I’ve alreadymentioned,a lady will be looking good and attractive on a date.
So you have to spend some time on your own appearance as well.
You can’t come wearing a T-shirt and running shoes or flip-flops as well, because it can ruin your date.

By the way, you’ll never pass any face control at any Kiev night club wearing running shoes or flip-flops. You need to wear nice shoes and a shirt.

Ukrainian lady is neither rushing up the carrier ladder nor competing with men. She doesn’t fight for independence from her husband. She’s loving, kind and sexy with a smile on her face. So if you are dreaming to have classy woman you should be a classy man yes.

Ask which places she likes to go, wear nice clothes, bring her flowers,open a door in front of her at restaurant or in car... Help her to take off her jacket when you’re taking your places at restaurant.. It is so romantic.. She will remember all these things you did for her. She will like you and she will be waiting to meet you again. You will be her Knight :)
(About the flowers -only odd number in Ukraine, because we bring even number of flowers to the funeral or when visiting the grave)

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