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Expectations and illusions are your enemies.

This post will be interesting for foreign men who already found nice ladies online and the communication via Skype seems very nice and comfortable..

They have never met in real life, but are looking forward to meeting each other soon… The following problems can arise and crash dream relationships . In front of my eyes broke up 3 beautiful couples via this reason and I would like to prevent you from this....

Daily Skype communication builds common trust, friendship and respect … Before you travel from another country or cross the Globe to meet your lady, online calls via Skype help you be sure than you will meet someone real and a suitable person .. and probably she may be a good partner to share life with you.


When a couple starts online communication with respect and good friendship there is also a growing feeling.. First you like the lady very much and after somehow starts your being in love .. with love comes a feeling of possessiveness which brings another picture to communication..


A man can be easily in love and emotionally attached to a virtual person only existing in his imagination.

This is the reason why dating websites earn millions and millions of dollars .. they offer romantic letters and beautiful pictures of nice ladies for the man and he is ready to pay for it in the long term.. because he becomes in love via correspondence ..


A woman will not fall in love with you via just Skype or correspondence . You will never receive any romantic letters from Ukrainian women as we don’t express our feelings on websites or through emails.. Ukrainian women and most of the women in the world expect a real man being beside them and after that her feeling will start growing...


Men and women are so different creatures ...we don’t even look like too much..
When a man doen’t have a reciprocal feeling he thinks that she is not interested in relationships or she doesn’t like him much .


The most common missunderstanding comes when she continues living her daily life like going to the gym and spending time with friends - a man already feels that she is his future wife and all her spare time belongs to him.


He already has the expectation and probability in his mind and he already plans a common family and thinks about their first kid’s name.


At the same stage woman’s imagination is up to the day when they will meet in real life.. she doesn’t have any expectation yet and takes you as a good person with whom she would like to meet and maybe tries thinking even more .. She doesn’t have any feeling and cannot have as this is how God created a woman.



So what to do and how to behave ?

That is very good that you like the person with whom you are communicating it will motivate you to travel far from home to meet her in real life..


1. Don’t delay your meeting in real life as a lady can lose interest ( no one likes to talk all time with a computer only )

2 Dont be sad or angry if she doesn’t feel in love with you like you do .. especially when you send facebook status that you are a couple in relationship, because she will not except it.

3 Dont expect that all her spare time she will dedicate for online calls with you or messages to you all day.

4 Dont express jealousy if she is seeing a friend and comes back late home . ( you will not ably to control another person and better do not spoil some good thoughts which can come true in a future )

5 She will not sit at home and wait when you fly to Ukraine , you will always be a person on PC, before you meet her in real life

You can say that “ I will fly so far and I have to be sure that the person is serious and not looking to have fan only”.
But you dont have another option my dear ,if you would like to met the lady from another country and build relationships you must fly ..

Many men even do not have opportunities to see the lady via Skype and still travel to Ukraine .So please don't secure yourself this way.


If someone spends hours to talk to you online means she has serious intentions.. and this is a reason to make a second step and arrange a real meeting.

After the real meeting when she in love with you -this is a different story . The lady will be more focused on you and common future. .


Sometimes there is a misunderstanding when a man acts the same way as to a woman from his own country and expects the same reaction…  Distance between countries makes a lot of difference and culture brings a big impact on the behaviour..


Ukrainian ladies are very honest and serious in relationships, very dedicated to the man .. but all this you will feel in real life but not online ..



I wish you to find your dream relationships from Ukraine soon .
Your professional dating coach , Katrin.