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Dating business is currently one of the biggest and the most profitable markets in the world. There’s even more than you can imagine. Some of online dating websites spend more than a million dollars on google advertising per year..

Anyone of us even have once tried some of those websites or will try in the future so it is better for you to read the following information ..

Most of the websites that you can find online offer correspondent access and have thousands of single beautiful ladies and all of them look hot and sexy . Any man would like to meet a girl like them and create a relationship with such a great, hot girl.


After your subscribing for correspondence, you will daily receive letters and you will start correspondence with a nice lady that may give you a feeling that you have known her for all your life and she will become the closest person to you.


Passion stories along with fantastic photos will get you emotionally attached with this girl and you will spend 40 % of your time dreaming about her and your common future together.


Well .. all this romantic story will land you in a big frustration if-


  • She doesn’t have Skype so you cannot talk to you .         

  • She doen’t speak English well as being shy to talk to you .    

  • Doesn’t have time to talk to you on Skype or phone as she is at work most of the time and at home there’s no internet access .    

  • She doen’t have PC so she cannot use Skype.         

  • In the evening she comes home tired so her phone is off.         

  • She refuses to give you her home address or land line phone .     


If you have any of these points that happen to you so it means that you receive letters not from that lady you expect to be with.

On video beloved of Mr Angelo from Italy and Mr Jon from the USA sharing experience about websites with correspondent services .



Correspondent websites’ goal is to sell you services where you can leave as much money as you can so that will take all the efforts to motivate you to stay with them much longer.

But you have to realise this as soon as possible ..and make correct actions in finding life partner.

I hope you understand that sending money for a flight ticket to a person with whom you’re exchanging letters is not a wise step at all. When you’re going to arrange a real meeting you have to speak with a lady on Skype during some period of time and build common trust together.




There are a lot of websites with real persons as well but not where you have to pay for each letter or pay contact details separately. Most of real girls in case if she’d like to know you better she will pleasantly exchange with you her phones or Skype to get to know you better without long typing letters.


Dear gentlemen, yes, there are many nice women in Ukraine who really look for a life partner and really desire to have a good man alongside .. and you can be also lucky to meet her online but be careful and use the info I place for you above.


Wishing you a great and successful research.

Your professional dating coach , Katrin.


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