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Why are Ukrainian ladies looking for a foreign man?

Why don’t Ukrainian ladies want to marry a local Ukrainian man, if they are so beautiful and family-oriented? Do they want to relocate to another country or are they gold-diggers? I get a lot of suspicions and same questions from all my clients  and subscribers. Well, there are several reasons that are not common for other European countries.

In my country there are more women than men. For 1 man there are 8 beautiful, educated and family-oriented women and this is not a joke.

With such an abundance of females, Ukrainian men aren’t much worried that they’ll be left alone also they aren’t in a hurry for official marriage and kids.

Women understand this big competition and try to be more attractive in men’s eyes: wear high heels, feminine dresses, make up, do a lot of sports and diet...
If she wants to have a man who is better than average one - she must look like a model - the way all that profiles on dating websites look like – they seen to be a brochure of some beauty contest :).

But not only appearance is the right tool in order to have a good man, Ukrainian lady makes a lot for the relationship, forgives and understands her man. She tries to be good and caring love partner.
Ukrainian man accustoms to such behavior and accepts it as normal. Soon he becomes spoilt.

Foreigner men who ever try relationship with lady from Ukraine want to date a Ukrainian woman only.

When lady registers at a Marriage Agency, she doesn’t have a goal to receive a passport of another country and relocate forever for a better life. She already has a good life in her own country, her family,friends, all relatives, good memories, etc.

Usually women sacrifice all these things and relations to meet a secure, family-oriented man, who will love and respect her and treat her like a woman.

You don’t even  how hard it is to change lifestyle and be far away from her family and friends in a totally different new country with new people and traditions and sometimes even other religion.

When such girl registered  with a Marriage Agency, she is open for more opportunities to meet a life partner for relationship and family.

Even if you will be from India or Pakistan she will follow you if she loves you. Yes, Ukrainian woman is capable of true love and deserves a good man.

So if you ever decide to meet a life partner from Ukraine this is a very good choice.
But you need to know some of behavior  differences for successful relationship and I will help you with this with my posts at this blog.

What doesUkrainian lady expect from a man on a first meeting? Whatare the mistakes made by non-Ukrainian men? I’ll explain itin my next post.

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