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I have seen a lot of nice and educated foreigners who came to Ukraine for meeting a future wife .

They are honest and serious but ladies who they like and who could be suitable for them don’t want to meet them again. The are several reasons for this but I want to focus on the most important one...

Ukrainian people care too much to look elegant. It seems a little ridiculous but that is the reality of the life of 2015 in this country.


On a date Ukrainian citizens try to wear best clothes they have … women wear sexy dresses and high heels+1 kg of make up and men put on best trousers and shirts as if they are going to a job interview.

Even in European countries people don’t pay so much attention to the clothes as they do in Ukraine and Russia. You can see that cultural difference between countries and my words can confirm by the video below of Mr Paul, an American citizen living in Ukraine,


So please before you go to date an Ukrainian lady make sure that you look elegant and impressive .

As far as I am concerned Americans can wear a suit where the size is twice bigger than their actual size. They say it is very comfortable …


Ukrainian women dress up a man with a classical suit, a tie, cuff links, expensive watches.. Sport T-shirt and sneakers, this is not romantic for a first date...If you are coming to Ukraine and expecting great results, please understand that you are not on vacation and you have to play by local rules.


Recently I have had a customer from Mexico , he is a very good and educated person. Most of his family live in the USA and he spends a lot of time living and studying there. Well when he came to Ukraine and found a wife I organized for him a date with very nice and beautiful girls... but he did not take seriously my advice about clothes to wear on a date in Ukraine and so he didn’t have success with those ladies...


The next day I went with him to a shopping centre in Kiev . We spent all day looking for a new outfit and had a lot of fun during this day.. he told me then that  there was before a business man and now he became a teddy boy .

The next date with the new outfit was very successful. Lady saw him like a local gentleman and felt comfortable with him.

He started relationships with this lady . I was very happy for them as they were a good couple.

I wish you to use this advice for your situation and also have success in a relationship .

Best wishes and best lady for you!



Your professional dating coach .