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Myth about Slavic women.

There is an expression about a “Slavic woman”. These women are from Poland, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Belarus and Ukraine. All of them are considered to have common mentality and similar behaviour... but this is a wrong opinion which can lead to a big misunderstanding and wrong expectation..


Having an external similarity we have a big internal difference … first I would like mention about different climatic conditions where nations grow up..

The summer in Ukraine lasts longer than 3 months..


In early May people start to take off warm coats and jackets . Until the late autumn we enjoy the heat and warmth of the sun . In the south of Ukraine people swim in the sea up to mid October.. We know well how the sun is good for health and mood.


Fresh vegetables and fruit, the sun, seas and countless numbers of lakes where kids grow kind, open and healthy.


Russia has more severe climate .. that is one of the reasons of drinking more alcohol , more meat consuming . Women are more open to casual sex .. Family values also are different . Petroleum  is said to be gold of their land.


Woman from Poland are closer to the European mentality and will be easy for your understanding.


As I mentioned before Ukrainian ladies grow among flowering plants and spending summer time beside sea .. 95 % of Ukrainian women do not smoke and don’t like smokers .. Drinking only on special occasions like Christmas and birthday parties .. alcohol during lunch or dinner is not accepted .


Logically , behaviour and life style of Ukrainian women is different in comparison with neighboring countries .

Being In relationship with an Ukrainian lady you will be feelling responsive. She can be soft and tender, she understands you and respects. They are emotional and give a man a lot of kisses and sensual life view.


All the time I introduce ladies who are willing to register in our Marriage Agency to a person who lives in Kiev or over the Skype with ladies from different cities of Ukraine and I can insure that are also different in behaviour and expectations between women from South of Ukraine and West.


The main idea of this post is bring more knowledge about Ukrainian nations compared to others and the expression “Slavic Woman” means only external resemblance .

Don’t compare all Slavic Women through a prism of your past experience with ladies of other countries or even other cites. It will help to protect you fom misunderstanding and frustration.


Please write down your comments or questions under this post, your opinion is important to me .


Best wishes and good life partner!


Your Professional Dating Coach.